Challenging the Status Quo

Posted on 02.6.14 by Sandbox

Sandbox has embarked upon creating an independent global marketing communications network. The organization has the distinct advantage of being led by agency industry veterans who started, built and nurtured agencies. They love solving client problems and creating great work. They are passionate about the opportunities the agency world brings.

Sandbox was created by John Hilbrich and Mark Anthony, two agency veterans who have spent their entire careers in advertising and marketing. Combined, John and Mark bring a successful mix of agency management talent and financial acumen. The organization plans to have offices in North and South America as well as Europe and Asia.

Sandbox will engage the most strategic and creative people in every market and operate at its promise when colleagues work together across skill sets and geography for the pure joy of growing the clients business — thereby doing right by our clients, our employees and ourselves.

What We’re Embarking On

Posted on 01.27.14 by Sandbox

This is a new venture that defies description and the easy labels that everyone wants to use. Buy/sell, merger/acquisition/consolidation, holding company/ subsidiary — as you could tell from our discussion, none of these labels really fit. This shows how unique this sandbox/GA partnership really is.

Is it a merger? No, because GA is not merging with another organization. The company is investing in this new venture called sandbox and helping build it by finding other agencies to join our group.

Is it an acquisition? That’s not quite right either because GA is not being absorbed into a large parent organization that will force GA to change its stripes and lose its identity. GA will stay its course and help shape and build the sandbox around it.

Is it a partnership? Well, yes. That seems to fit best. But what exactly does that mean? GA is taking on partners and investing in the vision that is sandbox and in its own future. Sandbox, in turn, is investing in GA. GA becomes the cornerstone business, pioneer and partner to help make sandbox’s vision reality. Together, we will seek out the right agencies that will add value to each other’s business and play nice in the sandbox.

Why don’t you call sandbox a “network”? We hesitated at the beginning mostly because in its current state, “network” conjures up such less-than-desirable images: faceless corporations making heartless business decisions — layoffs, force-fed culture that is hard to swallow, the systematic stripping away of agencies’ (and their people’s) heart and soul.

But if we do this right, sandbox will come to stand for a new type of network, one that is ideal for agencies and clients in today’s world. It is an independent network of smart, successful agencies that will remain agile, flexible and focused on what agencies should do best: solve their clients’ problems. In the end it will look and feel most like a network (there, we said it!), albeit one with the right look and feel for us and a structure we help create that we can proud of.

Playing Together in the Sandbox

Posted on 12.18.13 by Sandbox

The sandbox philosophy is to do the right thing for our clients and our employees. We are driven by great work and client satisfaction. Our guideposts determine how we conduct ourselves and what we fervently believe:

Ideas are the lifeblood of our business and flawless execution of those ideas is what drives our clients’ business.

We will remain agile and entrepreneurial to give us the edge necessary to think big, execute quickly, extend our capabilities and create opportunities for our clients and ourselves.

Relationships are key to success in life and in business. Fostering long-term relationships with our clients and amongst ourselves is a very important part of who we are.

If you create great work and deliver value, the money will take care of itself. We are passionate about caring for our clients and do so responsibly.

We have global ambitions because our clients require the right service, with the right people in the right place to grow their business and achieve their goals.